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The Mat ManAbout The Mat Man

Launched in 2016, The Mat Man offers a diverse range of specialty Commercial and Industrial grade floor mats for a variety of applications.

Our selections are durable and designed to upkeep Health and Safety Standards, as required in Food & Beverage establishments, Corporate or public spaces with high foot-traffic moving through their interior and exterior entrances.

The Mat Man was established as the retail division of Kex Limited to provide Commercial and Industrial clients with an option to purchase high quality floor mats, whereas, clients with the preference of a hassle-free option can sign up for our professional floor mat service at Kex Limited.

The Mat ManWhat is a professional floor mat service?

Established in 2005, Kex Limited saw the need and opportunity to provide the Commercial and Industrial sectors with a reliable, professional floor mat service.

With the increasing awareness and need for effective dust control services, functional Commercial/Industrial grade floor mats are supplied to businesses and are serviced on a scheduled basis. The client also has the option of creating their own customised logo mat for a warm, branded entrance, while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for its employees and customers.

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